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11 steps to The Social Kingdom - 27/4



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Having a successful life is not only about your personal achievements, it's also about your surroundings and how you feel about them. For years I've seen Internationals being in Denmark, and never really get Danish friends, but instead keeping their network with International people, and mostly just doing things with other international people, therefore never feeling at home and really settle here. However in Denmark and also the rest of the World , networking with locals is key, if you want to make your life more simple and easy, that is....

The Social Kingdom

This course follows the already existing introductional course, however it does not require to take the introductional for understanding of this one. Here we go deeper into the 11 steps model, that helps you expand your network very fast.

We will work both theory with explanations of the model, however we will be doing social interactions and help people get more social.  So this will be teaching and helping you connect with other people even the same night.


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