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About the Whisky tasting at The Barbershop

At The Barbershop we are proud to deliver more than just a tating. We strongly believe in experiences, were you get more than you would expect.

How it works

Our focus is in the experience, so therefore we have divided our tasting in four main parts. Under the first part we explain about the whiskyes, the history and talk about the selected whiskies.

In the second part we go trough the tasting and the techniques about how to taste a whisky.We show and tell about the differences between the four whiskyes we have selected for the night.

In the third part we show you , how you can use these whiskyes in a cocktail, and you will be surprised how the different whiskyes are used, and you will also understand how they work together with other ingredients.

In the final part of our tasting, you will tested in your newly acquired knowledge, and the winner of this test gets a prize.

Who is this tasting for?

Our main focus lays in the newbies and people who would like to learn in an entertaining and fun way.


Jeffersons Bourbon

Old Scout 7 year Rye

Hakushu 12 year Single Malt

Laphroaig Lore

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